Thursday, 6 October 2011

Zen Buddhist Monkeys Meditate For Marshmallows?!!

A recent 'New Scientist' article by Linda Geddes Zen-titled 'Monkeys meditate for marshmallows' informs us of the following scientific facts -

What would the Buddha have said? Monkeys have been trained to put themselves into a Zen-like trance – but out of desire for marshmallows rather than enlightenment. . . Two of the four monkeys tested learned to put themselves into this state within two training sessions; the others took four sessions to get the hang of it.

Without further ado here are a couple of my variations of the original I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? Lolcat image, as inspired by this New Scientist article. Needless to say I *am* counting on Zen Buddist monks, and Buddhists more generally, to have a well developed sense of humor and hopefully get a chuckle or two out of these LOLmonks images -

Friday, 9 September 2011

Richard Dawkins Is An Idiot According To Deepak Chopra

At least that is what Concordia University's independent student newspaper 'The Link' is reporting in an article headlined -

Richard Dawkins is an Idiot

And subtitled - The Link Gets Deep with Deepak Chopra

Here is the comment that I just submitted to that article with some additional embedded hyperlinks to pertinent online resources -

Gotta love how Deepak Chopra disregards his own rather questionable spiritual advice about not blaming and criticizing people when Richard Dawkins is mentioned. . . ;-)

Besides being an intolerant and even somewhat bigoted anti-religious "idiot", the not so Bright professor Richard Dawkins *could* be described as an Atheist Supremacist. . .

end quote

Oh dear. . .

It seems that *someone* at my old alma mater Concordia University's 'The Link' has already "memory holed" my original comment, so I just resubmitted the comment exactly as it is presented here with the two embedded links and will post a screen-shot here for good measure.

Wow! They did it again already. . .

Here is the screenshot of my second resubmission of the comment and follow-up comment asking 'The Link" to refrain from censoring my legitimate comment on the “Richard Dawkins is an Idiot” article -

And here is the screenshot of Deepak Chopra's much ReTweeted Twitter Tweet asserting that -

"When you blame and criticize others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself."

And. . .

Just for some additional good measure here is the somewhat cheeky but well-meaning Tweet that I sent to Deepak Chopra regarding his name-calling of the pompous ASS* Richard Dawkins as an idiot. . .

"@DeepakChopra Forgive me for asking Deepak but, when you name-call Richard Dawkins an idiot, are you avoiding some truth about yourself? ;-)"

* ASS is my acronym for Atheist Supremacist Spokesperson :-)