Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The AltaVista Search Engine Lives! And Kicks Hypocritical U*U Butt Right Across The Atlantic Ocean. . .

Well at least someone in the UK ran a somewhat confU*Used search for a YouTube aka U*UTube video of the hit song "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" using the venerable AltaVista search engine today. AltaVista was my favorite search engine way back when in the late 1990's before Google took over the interconnected interweb of all existence. . . I even had some free AltaVista hosted web sites for a while, including one dedicated to dealing with U*U clergy misconduct.

As the luck of the U*Us would have it, this presumed resident of the United Kingdom aka the British Isles more or less found what they were looking for* too!

It's not clear what version of 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' this person was freely and responsibly searching for. . . The famous "classic" Nancy Sinatra hit song? The "countrified" Jessica Simpson "remake" for the Duke's Of Hazzard movie? The "punkified" version by The Plasticines? The borifying Nazi*fied Faster Pussycat version? The hiphop*ified Lil' Kim version? The MegaDeath thrash metal version perhaps? The rather spicy Geri Halliwell version? Who knows?

*U2 aka UU reference intended. ;-)

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