Saturday, 5 September 2009

Freedom From Religion Foundation Atheist Bus Campaign Ads As Ad*Busted By The Wonderful Wizard Of U*Us

Most of the Richard Dawkins quotes are unmodified exact quotes. A few quotations have been slightly tweaked for the purposes of parody and satire, not that the completely unmodified Richard Dawkins quotes aren't hilarious. . . :-)

All of the Richard Dawkins quotations in the Ad*Busted Freedom From Religion Foundation FreeThought Bus Campaign ads, as well as the first Mark Twain quotation (which was of course deliberately taken out of context to make a point or two), are courtesy of the official website. ;-)


  1. LOL, nice one! The FFRF has been roling out these ads in San Francisco buses and I have been mildly upset about them.

  2. Thanks José. I only just saw your comment now.

    There is no reason to be *too* upset about the FFRF bus ads but there is no question that some of them are insulting to believers. I expect that they will not go over very well with the vast majority of Americans.