Friday, 17 July 2009

R.I.P. Walter Cronkite - Believe It Or Not U*Us Walter Cronkite Is Yet Another Famous Ex-Unitarian. . .

World famous broadcaster Walter Cronkite died today. A quick free and responsible search to see if maybe just maybe Walter Cronkite was a Unitarian turned up the following information in a Christian Century interview titled 'Covering religion - interview with television journalist Walter Cronkite of 'The Cronkite Report' - Interview':

I come from a Lutheran family that turned Presbyterian in my boyhood. That was primarily because of the convenience of the Presbyterian church in our neighborhood in Kansas City. When I was ten we moved to Houston and my father swung all the way from the Lutheranism in which he'd grown up to Unitarianism. He helped found the Unitarian church in Houston in 1927 or 1928. I attended that for a couple years until I got into a Boy Scout troop that met in an Episcopal church. The church had a wonderful minister who was also the scoutmaster. And I suppose you can say he proselytized me. At any rate, I was much involved with the church, and became Episcopalian--and an acolyte. Later, when I worked for a paper in Houston, I was church editor for a while. The Episcopal House of Bishops met in Houston one year, and I became intrigued by the leaders of the church--fascinated by their discussions and their erudition. For a short while I though about entering the ministry. But that was a short while. Journalism prevailed.

end quote

So world famous television journalist Walter Cronkite was at least nominally a Unitarian for a couple of years in his preteen years in the late 1920s before being "proselytized" by a wonderful Episcopalian minister. Still, I figure that Walter Cronkite's two year stint as a bona fide Unitarian youth is enough for U*Us to claim Walter Cronkite as a famous Unitarian if not a famous U*U. . .

And That's The Way It Is U*Us.

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