Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Will Unitarian Universalists Bring Guns To Church To Engage In Some U*Unilateral Disarmament?

I a UU A Way Of Life blog post rhetorically asking 'Should Unitarian Universalist ministers encourage their congregants to bring their guns to church' reacting to a BBC news report about Louisville Kentucky Pastor Ken Pagano telling/asking his parishioners to bring their unloaded guns to New Bethel Church in Louisville for a July 4th themed church service celebrating the right to bear arms, Brockport NY U*U David G. Markham asked -

WWJD - What would Jesus do?

and then went on to say -

Considering the 6th principle of Unitarian Universalism which is the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all, and the first principle which is the respect for the inherent right and dignity of every person, I think that Rev. Pagano's practice of bringing handguns to church is morally and ethically challenging.

Here is how I responded -

Come to think of it David. . .

Maybe Unitarian*Universalist ministers *should* encourage their congregants to bring their guns into U*U churches. U*Us could put a whole new "spin" on this idea by encouraging U*Unilateral disarmament as it were. . .

Hopefully if U*Us take up this idea they will be kind enough to give credit where credit is due unless there is proof that someone else put forward this idea and made it public before I did.

BTW I do respect people's right to own guns so no undue pressure should be put on congregants to U*Unilaterally disarm but for those who want to do so as a form of protest against America's gun culture this could be a PR coup for U*U churches and even the UUA. Why I am "giving away" such a good idea to U*Us is beyond me. I must be feeling generous this afternoon.

Simply put, it should be a matter of individual choice, and those U*U congregants who choose to exercise their right to bear arms should not be excluded or otherwise discriminated against by their fellow U*Us who do choose to U*Unilaterally disarm.

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